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Tired of asking your family for help with your phone?
Frustrated by technology during your video chats? Feel like you're missing out or have been left behind?

With Coconut Courses, you'll learn to use technology confidently and smoothly. We help you use your phone and computer better. And before you know it, you'll be that go-to person among your friends for tech tips!

It's time tech made your life easier.


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iPhone Bits & Bytes

Your iPhone is a digital wizard! Learn to use the built-in tools like a pro.

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Be a FaceTime Pro

Stay connected with family and friends. Build your skills and confidence with FaceTime so you can focus on the visit and not the distance.

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iPhone Tips & Tricks

Organize and access the tools and apps on your iPhone expertly and efficiently.

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Hi, we're Connie and Shelley

Like you, we’ve invested in some pricey devices--phones, laptops, tablets--that are intended to help us, whether that involves daily tasks, quick communication, long-distance connection, or digital memories. This investment is worth it as long as the knowledge, skills, and confidence are in place to use these devices fully. 
However, it’s not always easy to learn how to make the most of these devices. Asking family or friends for help is fine occasionally, but not as a regular go-to option. And informational sites can be overwhelming and confusing. 
That’s where we come in. We love helping people learn to use tech confidently and expertly. Simply and clearly.

Coming July 31 ...

A new course delivering weekly tips, tutorials, and videos directly to your Coconuts Library!









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